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This workshop provides an in-depth look at the relationship concerns shared by many gay men. The information is sophisticated and scientific, yet it is presented in a light-hearted fashion making for a rewarding and enjoyable weekend.

The deeply insightful attention given to the private experience of being a gay man and to the sexual attraction are unique to this workshop.

The exciting information helps address important areas:

  • Brain chemistry related to attraction
  • Becoming attracted to more appropriate partners
  • Eliminating wrong people faster
  • Issues of equality – money, power, sex, connection
  • Establishing or sustaining sexual interest over time
  • Assess your availability for a relationship
  • Define and attain your relationship dreams
  • Identifying and overcoming what has kept you single
  • Avoid repeating same mistakes
  • Predict the outcome of a relationship
  • The unique experience of being a gay man
  • Cultivate factors beneficial to sustaining relationships
  • Explore new places and ways for meeting more appropriate people
  • Improve dating skills

 Testimonials from previous participants:

“It was a weekend both profound and enjoyable (which don’t always go hand-in-hand), and I’m grateful for all of it – particularly spending time working with you.  Which didn’t seem any different from not-working but simply being with you.  You are a remarkable man.  I would very much enjoy any opportunity to spend time with you again.  Beyond wisdom and perspective, you simply have a nourishing “presence.”  That is rare and wonderful.”

“Developing from small children who are somehow ‘different’ into the adults we become, it is nearly inevitable that we will all face serious obstacles in how we relate to ourselves and to to others as gay men – many such obstacles being largely invisible even to ourselves.  I would venture to say that Tony’s workshops border on mandatory for those with a sincere desire to experience relationships that are fulfilling, loving and lasting.  ‘Informative’ and ‘revelatory’ are guaranteed… ‘transformative’ is not out of the question either.”